I am not politically correct !
           I make no apologies for my frankness or how I see current events.
    When I see ignorance, I point it out.  I am sure that my opinions will differ
    from others, but we all have the right to disagree.  It's called The Bill of
           On this page, I will make my views known and I invite those to
    contact me here, if they disagree or wish to comment.  You will not hurt
    my feelings.

           The past two years, I have taken a hiatus from writing my novels, or
    at least releasing the book I am finishing called "One Indiscretion", as I
    have been working as a Forensic Investigative Consultant on some of the
    largest civil rights cases in America.
           Terrill Thomas was killed in the Milwaukee County Jail, jailers placed
    him in solitary confinement, turned his water off and watched him die
    over the next seven days.
           Jimmie Sanders was murdered in a bar in Appleton, as he watched a
    scuffle, where police rushed into the bar and killed him, instead, while
    saying that he was aiming for someone else and missed.
           Jermaine Claybrooks was shot twenty times by undercover cops
    who had run him into a tree and rendered him unconscious.
           Terry Williams was shot by a Milwaukee County Deputy who was
    making a traffic stop and wounded a passenger, as well as killing this
    young man.
           Maxwell Holt was shot forty-seven times while hiding in a dumpster
    from West Allis police and when the cops opened the dumpster, he
    scared them by pointing his finger at them and saying "bang".
           Three men were gunned down at Great Lakes Dragaway by a lone
    killer, who then blended into the crowd and escaped the scene.
           Carl McDuffie was tazed by six Green Bay officers, who later lied on
    official reports, for giving the cops "the finger".
           Jerry Smith was shot by two MPD officers on the roof of a garage,
    while he spoke to his Mom on his phone.  He was not charged with any
    crime, has no criminal record and now eats bland food because the bullets
    caused extensive damage to his intestines.
           These are just a few of the cases that I am investigating.  Stay tuned
    for updates.


           I have never been relieved of this Oath
           and never will:

    Thank you and may Great Spirit bless all of you with fulfillment of     
                   your dreams.